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Superior Grading Features 5/13/2015 - Memphis Calls

Just booked flights and hotel for Memphis. We are bringing a couple interesting developments to Memphis. First, we can now offer to seal the top edge of every graded note for a water proof holder. This is something I think is great for a collection especially if you have your collection in a Safe Deposit box. If your bank floods you are hosed if your collection was on the bottom rows. We are still using the 100% clear mylar holders that I feel represent the best of breed. Now that we can seal the top edge we feel we have the best holders in the business.

Second interesting development is that we now give online access to the Gengerke census for submitters for 6 months after their submission. The Gengerke census is the oldest large type census and is invaluable for determining the history of large type notes. In addition to the Gengerke data we are also starting to track the prices large type notes bring at auction. This data will be integrated into the census.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Superior Grading Features 3/9/2015 - CPMX

Well, we made it there... We sat on the runway for an hour and a half and de-iced a total of four times. But we did get out before the another flight skidded off the runway closing the airport.
In Chicago the show seemed a little bit sleepy... this is our first CPMX so perhaps we are expecting too much from it.

Superior Grading Features 12/8/2014 - 2014 FUN Show

Superior Grading Will be walking around the FUN show accepting submissions for return shipping. We will take your notes, ship them to our office and grade them right after the FUN show. This service is available at our regular rates and represents a significant discount to the show rates you might be accustomed too. While you won't have your notes until a few days after FUN, you will have hundreds of dollars in saved grading fees.

Superior Grading Features 11/28/2014 - 1000th Note Graded

Superior Grading has just finished an order than contained our 1000th note graded. Not a particularly blockbuster milestone but it's a great start. Next memorable milestone will be at 50000. I am thinking I should probably comp that grade fee.

Superior Grading Features 7/29/2014 - First Invoice

We just completed our first order of graded currency. There were 100 notes in the order and it took more time than I would have thought. A lot of care and attention goes into grading a note and it's not clear just how much until you sit down and start working on a stack of them.
I am starting on my second order now and it's a large one. See you in August. :-)

Superior Grading Features 6/16/2014 - Memphis Show Report

Well, I just got back from the Paper Money show in Memphis. The trip was a pleasant one until Delta delayed my flight home on Fathers day. I was supposed to be home at 10:30. Instead it was more like 3:00.
The paper money auctions seemed strong enough, particularly the nationals and large type notes. World Currency is still going strong but the auction estimates for world notes were considered to be aspirational. I guess this is why a fair percentage of notes didn't sell at the opening bid.
I went from dealer to dealer to promote the new Superior Grading paper money grading service. The reception was better than I hoped. Seems there really is an unmet demand for prompt paper money grading.