Frequently Asked Questions

Superior Grading Faq Question 1 Who owns Superior Grading and where is it located?

My name is Greg Davis and I am a National Currency collector. I have been involved with numismatics since 1977 when I started my first coin collection. My eyes were opened to currency one day in 1991 when I walked into a coin shop in New York City looking for coins and saw, for the first time in my life, large sized type notes. I haven't bought another coin for my collection since.
The business is located in Yorktown Heights, NY which is about 30 miles North of New York City.

Superior Grading Faq Question 1 What service is offered?

Superior Grading is a Paper money grading and authentication firm. We will examine notes that are submitted to us, authenticate them and render an impartial expert opinion on the technical grade of the note. We seal the note in archival Mylar and stand behind the grade.

Superior Grading Faq Question 1 Is there anything that makes this service different from another company's?

We are unique in many ways, but our primary differentiator is the focus on customer service and communication. The concept for Superior Grading was born from our own experience in the numismatic space. As collectors, we would regularly have antique notes graded and it often seemed to more difficult than it should be. For example, we encountered obligatory memberships, confusing submission forms and uncertain service levels specific to return times. After too many challenging experiences, we decided that we could build a better mouse-trap. The goal of Superior Grading is to provide excellent customer service while simplifying the submission process and pricing. We commit to grade notes as quickly and efficiently as possible. To that end, we guarantee that we will ship your notes back to you within the service window you specify or we will provide a 50% discount on the grading fee.

In addition, Superior Grading provides the following services:
1) Full online access to every order and note we grade for you - forever.
2) Hi Resolution images (front and back) of your notes that are accessible and downloadable from the web site.
3) A guaranteed service window backed up by a 50% discount if we don't deliver in time.
4) Regular electronic updates available for each step of the order. Your account profile allows you to configure notifications for when your order is received, processed, graded, packaged and picked up for return shipping.
5) An online user community that allows you to showcase your collection(s) on our website. Through the Superior Grading community, you can display a single note or a collection of notes with other users – all collections can be specified as public or private depending on your preference.

Superior Grading Faq Question 1 How are your holders constructed

We use Library of Congress approved Mylar and a high gloss label. Here is an image of the label. You will notice that we are using a + in the grade for this example. A + indicates that a note was superb for the grade and nearly made the next grade up but we just felt it didn't quite make it. We feel that + notes will indicate an excellent value and feel that they will command a premium when they trade hands.

Superior Grading Holder Label