Mission Statement
Provide fast, reliable paper money grading and authentication

Here are a few features that we think set us apart

Notifications Notifications

When we have used grading services in the past it seemed like we would send our notes out into the void and then wait and wait for them to return. The waiting truly was the hardest part just as the song claims. At Superior Grading we will send you email notifications as your notes make their way through our process. By default you will receive an email for each of the following actions below. This is configurable so you can opt out of some or all emails.

  • Email or Text when when your package of notes is opened and added to our system.
  • Email or Text when the group of notes is fully entered into our system.
  • Email or Text with the grade assigned as each note is graded. (Optional)
  • When grading is complete for the group a summary email with all grades will be sent that includes the ship date.
  • When your package is shipped an email or text will be sent with the tracking number and carrier.

Currency Grading Features Online Orders, Notes and Images.

All orders submitted will be online under your account and accessible at all times and forever. Each note on your order will have a front and back scan and any comments and the grade it received. You are free to download and use the images as you see fit, they are your images. Superior will not use the images for anything without your permission. Having high quality images enriches your collecting experience and facilitates selling them when the time comes so I think this is a useful feature.

Currency Grading Fee Information Simple, Reasonable Rates

Superior has a very simple fee structure that we feel offers value to our customers. A graded note is more valuable than a non graded note. We will aim with our pricing to make the grade/no grade decision as easy as possible. All notes should be graded.
Click here to see our grading fees

Currency Collection Display Superior Grading Community

We want to foster the collecting community and to give collectors a place to share their collections. Toward that goal we are going to write the web site so that registered users will be able to define personal collections. These collections can be made up from notes you grade with us or not. A collection is a name, a description and a public or private indication. You can keep your collection private or publish it so all the world can login and view it. You can have any many collections as you want.